Character Quest: Day 4: Jeremy!

It’s day #4 of the Resistance Character Quest. We hope you’re enjoying getting to know these characters! Today we’re gonna hear a bit about Jeremey!

Jeremy’s Bio: Sounder for Homer’s clan. Jeremy is calm, cool, and confident.  And, yes, he knows it. His favorite hobbies besides listening to his iPod? Annoying Ben and teasing Clara. Something no one really knows about him? He loves playing the piano.

So excited to have you with us today, Jeremy! Welcome! I hope you have a BLAST answering our questions! Let’s get down to them….

What do you miss most about life before the Reapers came?

Let’s see, I hated school, so I didn’t miss much there. Except maybe art class. That was cool. I hated my home-life, so not much to miss there. I know my parents weren’t much of parents, but I do hope they made it out okay. (I doubt it though, so I don’t like to think about that.)
I’d say the only thing I really miss is downloading new songs to iTunes and listening to my favorite bands’ new music. I mean, the idea of no new music being created is driving me crazy! Is this it? Will there be nothing else? That’s insane to think about. We’ve gotta do something about that.
If you could have any three people from history over to dinner, who would it be?

Beethoven, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Amy Lee. Dude, that would be so awesome! Napoleon could tell us stories about fighting in battles and all that, Beethoven could compose music for it, and Amy could sing while I play the piano. Cool, right? I mean, I’ve always wanted to know if Napoleon really was as short as they say he was. I think history experts just make up a lot of stuff. History books are probably full of just made-up opinions by some stuck-up professor somewhere along the line.
I’d bet my iPod that Beethoven was probably a Sounder, too. I just really wanna know. And, why Amy Lee? Have you seen the woman? Have you listened to her? She’s got a set of pipes that light me on fire. If Beethoven and Napoleon stand me up, that’s fine by me. Amy and I will just have a candlelight dinner for two.
What is your most embarrassing moment?

Don’t have one. I don’t get embarrassed.
In your Setti clan, who is the most difficult to live with and why?

Melanie is by far the most difficult. She’s gotta have everything in order and in its place. It’s like living with Mary Poppins or something. I mean, who really cares if there are socks on the floor or Ding-Dong wrappers in the car?
What’s a quote that would represent your philosophy on life?

“Now remember, things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” That’s Clint Eastwood in Outlaw Josie Wales, one of the greatest movies ever made. Next to the Star Wars movies, of course
And you can’t forget Obi-Wan Kenobi’s advice: “May the force be with you.” Don’t ever lose the

Thanks so much for coming by and chatting with us today, Jeremy. It’s been really great learning a bit more about you!

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We’re excited to welcome Michael here tomorrow to answer some of our questions! Stop by to see what he has to say!

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